Love it

I love this chicken! It has the flavor that I remember chicken having when I was growing up! I really didn’t have to add any seasoning… it was tender and full of flavor! I will definitely buy this again.



This is the absolute best chicken I’ve ever had, the quality was top notch and the fact that I cooked it only using salt and pepper was phenomenal, the texture and flavor was superior to any chicken I’ve ever had!! Will be buying agin!!!!!!

Amberlee P

Best bird you can get.

This is the best chicken I’ve had since living in France. Yes, it has fat and is has less overall meat. What you get though is a chicken that actually tastes like something. Not sure about the labeling of “outdoor access” and what that means vs “pasture raised”, but I can tell you that whatever their program is, they are raising the best birds you can buy in the US. My suggestion is to roast slowly at 300f (like a rotisserie) or use for longer stews; although I suspect this bird shines with almost any method.

David W

Great Taste

This chicken is hands down the best I’ve ever tasted. Worth the money for sure. It’s got great flavor and really doesn’t need all that much in the way of seasoning. If you want to wow guests with the awesome flavor then purchase this chicken!! Regular chicken at the super market doesn’t compare in my opinion. I’ll be buying again.


Great option from Whole Foods
We’ve been getting whole chickens from Whole Foods for the past 5 months and this was by far the best! Tender, juicy and great for roasting!
-Kelly R
Best taste and quality

Have tried many brands of whole chickens for roasting and this has been the most consistent, best tasting chicken on the market. I am done searching for my ‘go-to’ to brand as the kids even now request it by name, Labelle Patrimoine.

-Brad S.

Forgot how good natural tastes

Purchased this because it was almost the perfect size to fit in our pressure cooker whole, which we use very often (twice a week). Chicken tastes especially good when pressure cooked with your choice of seasoning and broth, but this brand was dynamite. Purchased a second one in-store at Whole Foods the next day to see if it was dumb luck or the product was just that good. It’s that good. Will be buying this brand exclusively now.

Patrick S.